Pet Wellness Exams in Centennial, CO

Our veterinarians and staff in Centennial welcome pets of every life stage for pet wellness exams. Making sure that your pet is healthy from the very beginning and helping them stay that way for life is an ongoing process, and we’re happy to guide you through it, step by step.

Wellness is a very important aspect of veterinary care because it enables us to create a baseline of health for your pet that we can use for future reference. This way, we can detect changes more easily and take proactive measures to prevent illness. Yearly cat and dog exams, blood work, vaccinations, and parasite control are all critical components in your pet’s lifelong healthcare routine. Call us at (303) 850-9393 to start your pet's wellness plan today.

Senior Wellness

As your pet ages, our veterinarians will help you create a pet wellness plan that accommodates their changing health needs. It is common for seniors to develop arthritis, diabetes, and other issues, so routine cat and dog exams and diagnostics are important for keeping these conditions manageable for our patients. Furthermore, we can offer options for relieving pain and increasing mobility.

Why We Promote Year-Round Parasite Prevention

Fleas, ticks, roundworms, and giardia are more than just pests; they can also make your pet very sick. At Festival Animal Clinic in Centennial, we can provide a full range of screening options in addition to various quality preventives to safeguard your pet against an infestation. Some intestinal parasites take more than one dose of medication to treat, and others, such as roundworms, are contagious to humans.

Call (303) 850-9393 to find out more about keeping your pet safe or to make an appointment.

two cats on an exam table