Comprehensive Pet Diagnostics for Complete Treatment

If your pet is ill or we need to perform an annual screening to check for signs of disease, an exam will only give us partial information, leaving some questions unanswered. With diagnostics, we can create a more complete picture of their health and be more apt to catch underlying conditions. At Festival Animal Clinic, we use as many resources as possible to ensure the best possible care for your pet. This includes enlisting the skills of outside specialists for their expert analysis.

Digital Radiology

Our digital X-ray machine is one of the most important tools we use to examine pets internally. Since digital X-ray requires less preparation and images are developed in seconds, this means less stress for your pet and more time devoted to treating them. In addition to viewing X-rays within our hospital, we can also send images to board-certified radiologists and cardiologists for further review.

With X-ray, we can check for:

  • Broken bones
  • Enlarged organs
  • Bladder stones
  • Evidence of arthritis
  • Foreign bodies

Pet Diagnostics Services in Centennial: Kitten Gets Nails Trimmed
Pet Diagnostics Services in Centennial: Veterinarian Examines Puppy

Mobile Ultrasound

Festival Animal Clinic has the privilege of partnering with mobile ultrasonographers who can visit our practice to perform ultrasounds whenever our patients need them. A rounded probe emits high-frequency sound waves that safely penetrate the skin and bounce off of the soft tissue organs, creating images from the echoes created. With this tool our doctors can detect:

  • Pregnancies
  • Fluid in the abdomen
  • Cysts and tumors
  • Organ enlargement

Ultrasound is ideal for evaluating the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, pancreas, and other vital organs.


Health Screening and Testing

Screenings are a helpful way for us to check seemingly healthy pets for signs of disease before symptoms start. Tests are more specific and directed towards finding a diagnosis for an issue that is currently taking place. Our team uses both a commercial lab and our own in-house lab equipment to run screens and tests, but context determines which lab we will use.

For emergencies and sick pets, we can use our in-house lab, which allows for quicker testing and a more timely diagnosis. If we are performing a routine parasite screen, allergy test, or blood panel, we send our samples to a commercial lab, which can provide results within as little as 24 hours.

Call us if you’re concerned about your pet’s wellbeing or need to have them screened for infectious diseases. Early detection and treatment are the best way to keep them healthy!

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