Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning in Centennial, CO

Dental care plays a pivotal role in keeping your pet healthy. The condition of their teeth and gums affects not only their oral health but the health of their major organ systems as well. If their mouth becomes infected, this infection can spread to other areas in the body. Consequently, our veterinarians in Centennial consider pet dental care to be an essential service for every patient. Since your pet deserves the healthiest life possible, we recommend dental imaging, professional cat & dog teeth cleaning, and various home care products to enhance their health. Call us today at (303) 850-9393.

What Professional Dental Care Involves

Our pet teeth cleaning and maintenance services are intended for two purposes. First, to treat plaque and tartar buildup, gingivitis, dental disease, and other issues. Next, the goal is to prevent these conditions from reoccurring. For long-term prevention, we recommend using our dental services on a routine basis (as recommended by your veterinarian).

dog teeth cleaning in centennial, co

Our Steps for Improving Your Pet’s Oral Health

  • For a full dental exam, pets must be under general anesthesia. This ensures that we can safely and thoroughly examine your pet’s teeth and gums for signs of disease and/or damage.
  • We recommend dental x-rays for all patients to view their teeth in their entirety and check for any issues in the surrounding bones.
  • Professional teeth cleanings remove tartar and eradicate harmful bacteria around the teeth and gums. We also polish the teeth to smooth their surfaces and repel plaque buildup.
  • If necessary, we can perform extractions on teeth that are loose, infected, or damaged and causing your pet severe pain.
  • To help you maintain your pet’s dental care routine in the months between vet visits, we can recommend various forms of treatment that may work best for their temperament and condition.

Why We Do Not Recommend Anesthesia-Free Dentistry

Our pets do not understand the importance of dental care. Unlike us, they can’t sit still during an oral exam and patiently tolerate having their teeth scaled and scraped. Anesthesia-free dentistry is advertised by some veterinary care providers as a great option for pets that may not be able to handle anesthesia. However, this approach does not target issues hidden below the gum line, where most dental pathology resides. Furthermore, this method can potentially be unsafe, even for pets that appear naturally calm.

If you have any questions about our pet dental care services or why we discourage anesthesia-free dentistry, please call us at (303) 850-9393.