Veterinarian Near Littleton, CO

veterinarian near littleton, co

Every pet is as special as the bond they share with their family. At Festival Animal Clinic, we make it our responsibility to help people preserve that bond and keep it strong and healthy for the maximum number of years. With over half a century of combined experience, our veterinarians and team members are genuinely passionate about delivering the very best veterinary care to the dog and cat families of Littleton, CO and surrounding areas. Like you, they understand the depth of the human-animal bond. This is why we dedicate ourselves to treating every pet is if they were our own.

If you have questions for our team or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (303) 850-9393.


Services Offered at Our Animal Hospital Near Littleton, CO

To round out your pet’s lifelong care, we offer preventative medicine to limit their vulnerability to infection, sick care to treat acute and chronic illness, and a variety of other services in between.

Our primary services include:

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Progressive Medicine for Today’s Pets

While there are certainly many tried and true services in pet medicine that, despite evolving, have remained essential to the health of most dogs and cats, there are also new and progressive treatments becoming available. At Festival Animal Clinic, we happily offer cryosurgery, a non-invasive solution for the removal of diseased tissue and skin growths, and acupuncture, which can improve a vast range of health conditions. When other, more traditional methods come up short or pose more risks to your pet than they are worth, we can offer other (safer) options to increase your pet’s quality of life.