How Your Vet Can Help Your Pet Feel Great All Summer

how your vet can help your pet feel great all summerOur pets are an important part of our lives and taking care of them is a year-round job. In Colorado, the summer days are long and the outdoor activities are plentiful making it the perfect time of the year to get out there with our pets.

Take these helpful hints into consideration and you are sure to have an awesome summer with the family pet!

4 Steps To Have A Great Summer With Your Pet


While it may feel like we are being nags when constantly reprimanding our pups, it may be a sign that their obedience level is not as good as it needs to be. Many vet offices and animal hospitals offer classes to get Spot listening better and following commands like a champ. If you plan on taking your dog out and about this summer, be sure that their obedience levels are up to snuff. Your dog and you will enjoy your activities much more if it isn’t a constant battle of wills.

It is not fair to you, your dog, or the other pets and people that you will encounter to have your pup running around causing mayhem and not listening to your commands. A few behavioral changes should do the trick and your vet can be a great resource for that knowledge.


We all add a few extra pounds over the winter months and our pets are no exception. Talk with your vet if you are curious if your pet may need a diet. They may switch their food or just encourage you to up their activity level and cut down on the portions. House cats are especially susceptible to unwanted weight gain and it is important to remember that they need exercise too! Try increasing their activity level with one of the various toys that are available. Indoor cat jungle gyms are another great way to keep them active and moving.


Hydration is always a key factor in keeping our cats and dogs healthy, and this is especially true during the warm summer months. Be sure that your pets always have plenty of fresh, cold water and don’t forget to keep them hydrated when you are out on the trails! If you are spending the day outdoors with your dog be sure to monitor their activity level and do not allow them to overdo it, remember that they do not know their limits. If they have an adverse reaction to the sun and heat, your vet can provide a hydration pack that will get them feeling great again in no time.


Colorado provides many outdoor opportunities for you and your pet to get out there and enjoy the summer. Be sure to talk to your vet about the necessary precautions to take to protect your pet from ticks and other critters found in our beautiful mountain area. Be sure to follow all leash laws and regulations and be respectful of others. Your vet may know of a few great spots too!

Contact today for more information on these helpful summer tips!

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