What Cats Are Hypoallergenic?

No one likes being allergic to cute fluffy pets, and this includes cats. However, you may be surprised to find that some cats are hypoallergenic. Now you may be wondering: what causes people to be allergic to cats and what cats are hypoallergenic?

Many people falsely believe that a cat’s fur is the cause of their allergies, but it is actually a specific protein in their saliva called Fel D1. People react negatively to this protein when it becomes airborne after the saliva on a cat’s fur dries. Luckily, there are several different cat breeds that produce less Fel D1 than others.

 In this article we will be listing all of the most popular hypoallergenic cat breeds out there. Although hypoallergenic cats may not be suitable for those with severe cat allergies, those with mild allergies towards cats can enjoy having a cat as a pet thanks to these hypoallergenic cat breeds. Let’s jump into what cat breeds are hypoallergenic. If you have any questions, call Festival Animal Clinic in Centennial, CO at (303) 850-9393.

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The Colorpoint Shorthair

The colorpoint shorthair looks a lot like the siamese, and they act pretty similar as well. This cat breed is described as one that is outgoing, confident, and playful. These active cats are medium in size and they have a short, fine coat. Although these cats do produce less of the allergen Fel D1 than many other cat breeds, it is recommended that you bathe your cat and clean things like cat toys and bedding regularly.

The Siberian

These Russian cats are large and have luxurious long hair, and, like all of the other cat breeds on our list, they produce less of the protein and allergen Fel D1. As for their temperament and personality, Siberian cats are known to be very affectionate and outgoing when it comes to other people. These cats are known to be very playful and active as well.

The Bengal

Most people know that Bengal cats have wild roots, but few know that these cats are also hypoallergenic. However, these cats are not necessarily for everyone, and they are not always recommended for first time cat owners as a result. This is because these cats are both very intelligent and extremely active. As a result, you will likely need to spend a lot more time exercising your bengal than you would for many other cat breeds. Many Bengal cat owners actually take their cats for walks as a way to expend some of their endless energy.

The Oriental Shorthair

These unique looking cats have found their way into the hearts of many cat owners around the world. Their striking almond shaped eyes and unique body and head shape truly make this cat stand out. These cats are great for families. This is because the oriental shorthair is known to be good with kids, and their temperament and personality is usually affectionate, friendly, and playful. Although these cats do need to expend some energy, they are not as high maintenance in this regard as a breed like the Bengal.

The Russian Blue

This medium to large sized cat is named after their gorgeous blue coats. Although these cats tend to be a bit more shy, independent, and reserved than some of the other cat breeds on our list of hypoallergenic cats, they tend to form strong bonds with their owners. They are also very intelligent. In addition, these cats do tend to have a playful streak and tend to love cuddling with the members of their family. Of course, these cats produce less of the protein Fel D1 than most other cat breeds out there, which does make them hypoallergenic.

The Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is a small cat with a short, curly coat that doesn’t shed very much. This makes cleaning up cat hair and grooming very low maintenance. This goofy cat is known to be very playful and loves to receive lots of affection and attention from their owners. These cats are also fairly active and energetic, and their need to jump and explore makes having cat trees a must.

The Cornish Rex

The cornish rex is yet another cat that is widely considered to be hypoallergenic. However, this is for a different reason than most of the other cats on our list. Although the cornish rex produces an average amount of the protein Fel D1 in their saliva, their skin and coats do not shed much or produce a lot of dander. As a result these cats with their unique crimped coats are a great option for those who are mildly allergic to a cat’s dander. As for the cornish rex’s personality, these cats form extremely strong bonds with their owners and are very affectionate towards them.

The Balinese

The Balinese is the second long haired hypoallergenic cat on our list, and they are known to be incredibly intelligent and family friendly cats. The Balinese tends to be a cat that does well around children, and they are also known to be friendly, playful, and fairly outgoing cats. These are medium sized cats, and their coat patterns and colorations are extremely similar to that of the Siamese, just with longer hair. It is important to mention that these cats can be prone to some health issues, so you should always do your research before purchasing a Balinese kitten from a breeder.

The Javanese

The Javanese cat breed is yet another oriental cat breed on our list of hypoallergenic cats. Like many other oriental cat breeds, the Javanese is a vocal cat that loves to climb, so having plenty of perches and places for them to climb is needed if you are planning on welcoming a Javanese into your home. In addition, these cats are known to be very affectionate towards their owners as well as energetic. Their short, smooth coats are also very low maintenance grooming wise, which is always a bonus.

The Sphynx

There is nothing quite like the Sphynx cat. These hairless cats are an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a cat that is friendly, playful, and hypoallergenic. These social cats are yet another cat breed that are great for family life due to their tendency to be affectionate as well as active.





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