Benefits of ProHeart12

Benefits of ProHeart12


Heartworm disease is more preventable today because of ProHeart12 since the approval of the first medication in 1977. The single-dose product ProHeart12 given by your local vet makes it easier than ever before to pretreat and prevent heartworm disease. You bring a new pet into your home. You’ve purchased the perfect bed, healthiest food, water dishes, and a collar to fit the outstanding personality. You’ve also thought about how you will train the new fur baby. You have a general idea of vet visits to come. Or you already have a fur family member living with you, and you’d like to improve the quality of their life.

However, have you considered your choice of heartworm disease treatment? The ProHeart12 offers you a once-a-year treatment option. So, before you give the same old chewable or unpack the fantastic collection of outdoor toys and send them to romp in the great outdoors, please take a moment to consider one of the hardest-to-detect parasites your pet will face. There are many benefits ProHeart12 has to offer. Time, finances, and security, just to name a few. Now, let’s look closer at exactly what heartworm disease is and the benefits ProHeart12 offers. Warning some of the information about heartworm disease may sound traumatic. However, heartworm disease is preventable and invasive for your beloved fur babies to face.

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Why ProHeart12 is Beneficial


The Invisible Soldier

Heartworm disease affects more than 100,000 of our beloved fur babies every year. The number of animals who contract heart disease is significant because mosquitoes are the primary carriers of Microfilariae. This tiny parasite is introduced into your pet’s bloodstream through one bite. In that one (less than 30-second) bite, transferring the infective larvae into your dog. The infected larvae spend up to two weeks in the bloodstream of your pet, where it begins a new life cycle Dirofilaria immitis, also known as heartworm.

As lovers of our precious fur family members, the worst fact is this unseen disease attacks your pet on the inside. Where you cannot see it, and where they don’t show signs of it for months, even years. The larvae then make their way to the newly infected animal’s heart’s pulmonary artery in approximately two months. When you get your dog the ProHeart12 injection, you give them their own invisible army with a home base in the fat just under their skin. These little spherical soldiers spend the entire year eliminating the larvae before they have the opportunity to transform into invasive Dirofilaria immitis, heartworm disease. The combination of improved medication and the slow time-release through your pet’s body ensures this army is never forgotten or allowed a day off.


Let Go of Worry

You can begin preventing heartworm disease at the age of one year with ProHeart12 subsiding future worries for the entire year. Some of the symptoms of heartworm disease are being lethargic, loss of weight, coughing, and difficulty breathing. After having the ProHeart12 injection, when your beloved fur baby has a lazy day or two, you will not be wondering if they are lethargic because Microfilariae are transforming into Dirofilaria immitis heartworm disease in their body. You will not have to worry over their natural burst of energy and quickly worn-out moments.

As they are growing and their body makes changes, as long as you have had the yearly ProHeart12 injection. When they experience a weight shift, especially in their older years, heartworm disease will not be the first thought that crosses your mind. If they catch a cold (and they do), a few coughs will not send your mind into a frenzy, especially if you have done the ProHeart12 treatment at your yearly checkup. You will be able to breathe a lot easier through the days when those pesky mosquitoes are a little thicker than any of us, including our pets like them to be!


Saving Money with ProHeart12


Your pet’s annual checkup is a perfect time to keep them protected for the rest of the year. The vet gives your pet one injection during your yearly well check. You can breathe easy knowing your dog has his total dose of heartworm protection along with their flea and tick protection for the entire year with ProHeart12. When you look at the well-known heartworm protection like chewable’s or pills given once a month. Purchased throughout the year and keeping track of when it should be given, this is one more benefit, not remembering when to provide the following treatment that ProHeart12 has. There are no pills to keep track of or continue buying. The pricing of one dose of ProHeart12 includes a yearly amount of flea and tick treatment that will save you money. And because you’re not purchasing heartworm protection throughout the year, you will be saving. You now have one product at one affordable price. No more walking out of the vet’s office with an armload of products!

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How the ProHeart12 Injection works


The ProHeart12’s injections active ingredient, moxidectin, with a slow-acting set of spherical particles that store in your pet’s fat cells knocking out those invisible Microfilariae before they have a chance to transform into Dirofilaria immitis, heartworm disease. ProHeart12 is continuously released into the body of your dog for the entire year. The heartworms will never have the opportunity to move into the heart’s pulmonary artery and never have the chance to expand into the other chambers of the heart, impairing function. The once-a-year treatment ProHeart12 ensures your fur baby has the tools inside their body to fight off these terrible unseen parasites. So that you and your dog never have to experience such an invasive attack. You and your fur baby will never have to worry about the migration of any overpopulation of heartworms attaching to the liver leading to possible death.


Understanding the disease


A scary fact for you and your dogs about Dirofilaria immitis, heartworm disease, is that the majority of the time, the condition is not found until it is in the advanced stages. Once those Microfilariae larvae have been fed into your dog or cats’ bloodstream, it takes five to seven months for Microfilariae to transform into mature Dirofilaria immitis, heartworms. You may still have no idea that they are there! The inflammation caused by the worms has already started to affect our pets’ veins and lungs. Unfortunately, we need to understand the disease before seeing the complete picture of what you are preventing when getting the ProHeart12 prevention treatment. One heartworm can live from five to seven years and looks like long strands of spaghetti. The male heartworm can grow four to six inches in length while the females reach the amazing size of ten to twelve inches.

These adult worms mate and release more Microfilaria into the animal’s circulation, ready to be picked up by the next mosquito bite making your pet the host for spreading this parasite. The ones not picked up transform into Dirofilaria immitis, heartworms attaching to other organs inside your pet. While that in itself is creepy, the hard facts are that your dog can have one to two hundred and fifty worms inside its body. The adult worms cause inflammation of your pet’s blood vessels which causes a block in their blood flow and can lead to some very traumatic events, including death.


Treating Heartworm Disease


Once diagnosed, there will be a series of secondary tests to confirm Dirofilaria immitis, heartworm disease, and transferable Microfilaria level. Next, your dog will go through a series of x-rays and an ultrasound to get a clearer picture of the stage of the condition. Then a plan is made for eliminating the heartworm. At the same time, you learn that you now have to limit your dog’s activities. The fact is that the scientist behind ProHeart12 know the risks your pets face as the worm dies.

The treatment is done in phases, and the goal of the first phase is to kill adult Dirofilaria immitis heartworms. The derbies left behind inside your beloved fur family member possibly become just as devastating as the live heartworms have already been. Over time the dead worms do dissolve, but before they are gone, they could cause blockages in the bloodstream they are traveling through. Your dog will also be given medications to eliminate the Microfilaria associated with adult heartworms. No one wants you and your fur babies to go through these lengthy, expensive, and risky treatments. That is why ProHeart12 has come up with a worry-free one-year preventive treatment.

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Number One Reason to Get ProHeart12


We love our fur babies and want to enjoy long, happy lives with them. The fear of heartworm disease can be eased in one visit to the vet! Let’s face the facts remembering to take medication is complex. Remembering to give medication is another challenge, especially when it’s only once in a while. ProHeart12 removes the issue of remembering to provide the medication monthly. One simple blood test called an antigen test checks for the presence of heartworm disease. A straightforward shot ensures that a chewable or pill will never be late or forgot and your pet has proven protection for the entire year. You can now confidently play all the outdoor games. Take those long walks and enjoy warm summer nights, knowing your next appointment is a year away. For the next twelve months, you don’t have to double-check the calendar, wondering if you forgot to give them their protection. ProHeart12 has taken the worry off your hands for the entire year. Now all you have to do is enjoy the company of your fantastic fur baby family member!


We do not want to dress our outdoor-loving dogs in mosquito netting to play outside this year! As a pet parent, you have an incredible opportunity they could have only dreamed of in 1977. Ensuring your fur babies have a long-acting defense from the completely preventable heartworm disease. In July 2019, the FDA approved ProHeart12 (moxidectin) extended-release injectable for dogs 12 months of age and older. Veterinarians worldwide have been certified to give the ProHeart12, now making the long-acting defense an option for you and your dog. We offer ProHeart12 at our animal hospital, so please give us a call at (303) 850-9393 to schedule an appointment today.

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