Best Dog Parks Centennial Co

Best Dog Parks in Centennial, CO

One of the safest and easiest ways to let your pup blow off some steam is to take them to your local dog park!  Luckily, Colorado is one of the most dog friendly states, so it’s easy to find a great place to exercise your dogs no matter their needs!

Before you head to the dog park, remember some general etiquette guidelines. Always bring bags to clean up after your dog, keep your dog vaccinated and licensed by the proper authorities, and make sure to keep your leash with you while your dog plays in case you need to remove him from an unsafe situation quickly.

Dog parks can be busy places, and its easy for our pups to get overwhelmed, and thats okay! It’ s just important that we protect our pups by watching closely and redirecting or removing our dogs when the playing gets to be too overwhelming for them.

No matter your dog’s energy and social comfort level, there is always a place for you and your pup in Centennial! The following are a list of the 10 best dog parks in the Centennial area!

Grandview Dog Park

10 Best Dog Parks in Centennial Include: 

Grandview Dog Park

Theres something for every pup at the Grandview Dog Park!  Your canine kids will have freedom to roam over five acres of varied terrain. You dog can sprint through soft grass, scramble over boulders, or dig in the dirt at this beautifully fenced dog park.  Larger and more active dogs can enjoy the use of agility equipment in the large dog area, while smaller, shy types will enjoy exploring and socializing safely in the small dog area.  Be sure to bring water and potty bags for your pup if you come to this park, as they are not available here.  Porta potties are on site, and trash cans are available for your pup’s bagged waste as well.

Grandview Dog Park is located at 17500 E Quincy Ave Aurora, Colorado.  It is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.


Lowry Dog Park

Your pups will love the sights and smells at Lowry Dog Park! Located just behind the local arena near the Lowry Airforce Base, is this little canine oasis for your pup.  Enjoy a scenic leashed 1/4 mile walk from your car through Lowry Park with your pup, maybe check out whats happening at the local arena if your pup is quiet around horses, and arrive at this favorite local spot.  The sand and turf footing provides a soft, safe surface for your pup to play, and will help to keep your car less muddy when there is cold, wet Colorado weather.  There are ample benches available for owners to watch their pets play, but no water or waste bags, so make sure to bring your own from home!

Lowry Dog Park is located at Yosemite Way & E. 4th Place Denver, Colorado.  It is open seven days a week from seven in the morning until six in the evening.

Bayou Glulch Dog Park

Have a high energy dog that likes to run? Bayou Gulch Dog Park is the place for them! This dog park is a small, but well maintained park that spans two acres.  Their are two play areas but the park asks that users rotate the use of the play areas so that your dogs are always playing on nice soft, safe grass!  There are not many trees, which makes this off leash area perfect for dogs with the zoomies or who like to play fetch because it is open and clear to run.

The dog park is connected to the Bayou Gulch Regional Park which offers amenities for the whole family including a playground, and five miles of paved and natural trails for you and your pup to explore on-leash!  Doggie bags are provided at waste stations around the dog park, and there is a water source available for your pups.  If you plan to explore the trails, its best to bring some extra water for you and your pup though!

Bayou Gulch Dog Park is located at 4728 Fox Sparrow Rd. Parker, Colorado 80134.  It is open seven days a week from sunrise until sunset.

David M. Sonka Dog Park

Perhaps one of the most sentimentally valuable dog parks in the Centennial area is the David M Sonka Dog Park.  This park is a memorial park dedicated to United States Marine Corps Corporal David M. Sonka and his dog “Flex”.  Corporal Sonka was a local hero who attended Chaparral High School and gave his life in the line of service in Afghanistan in 2013.  David M. Sonka was a canine specialist, and his working dog “Flex” also died in the line of duty protecting him.

In order to honor Corporal Sonka and Flex, the city of Parker, Colorado opened its first dog park in their honor.  Now you and your pup can go and pay tribute at their memorial at the entrance to the park, and enjoy the afternoon romping through the expansive five acre park.  There are structures set up to provide shade, drinking fountains, agility equipment, and potty stations with bags and waste receptacles for your pup!

There is a separate small dog area for shy dogs and a nice walking path that winds around the outside of the main park.  If you are looking to get some steps in while your pup plays, three laps around the park equals about one mile!

David M. Sonka Dog Park is located at 17855 Pine Lane Parker, Colorado. It is open seven days a week from sunrise until sunset.

David M Sonka Dog Park

Cherry Creek State Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Looking for a place to spend the whole day adventuring with your dog? The Cherry Creek State Park Off-Leash Dog area is one of the most extravagant off leash areas designed with your pooch in mind! You and your pup can revisit your primordial roots on this 107 acres of undeveloped open space with trails for you to walk or ride your mountain bike while your pup roams freely over the grass, prairie, and wetlands.

Cherry Creek runs through the western edge of the dog park, so its the perfect place to let your dog splash around and cool off on a hot summer day! The vast open space provided by this beautiful state park will attract lots of local wildlife.

Please be vigilant and watch your dog closely, as encounters with coyotes, prairie dogs, and rattle snakes are common and can turn dangerous quickly for your dog!
Because this off leash area is located inside a State Park, there are a few fees required for admittance to the park.

The is a $10 per day gate fee for admittance to the park, and a Designated Off Leash Area (DOLA) pass will cost $3 per day for up to three dogs. If you plan to attend this park frequently, annual passes to both the park and the off leash area are available for a great value!  In order to obtain DOLA pass, your dog must  be up to date on all vaccinations, and be licensed with the appropriate local authorities. There are no potty bags or water fountains available for your dog, so make sure to pack accordingly!

Cherry Creek State Park Off Leash Dog Area is located at 4201 S. Parker Rd Aurora, Colorado 80014.  It is open seven days a week from five o’clock in the morning until ten o’clock at night.

Kennedy Dog Park

This convenient dog park located inside the beautiful Kennedy park offers two play sections that span three acres of dirt and boulders with mature shade trees.  You pup will have a great time zooming around with his friends or playing fetch in the high energy section of the park; or if a quiet afternoon of exploration and socialization is more your pup’s speed, there is also a low energy area for quieter dogs. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome in either section of the park.

Kennedy dog park is one of the most friendly parks for timid dogs, as the low energy area and large staging area for leashing and unleashing your dog will give your buddy plenty of time and space to get comfortable before he sets off on his first big adventure! If your dog isn’t quite ready to explore with other dogs off leash yet, Kennedy park offers a scenic place to walk on leash with your pup to explore all the sights and smells while he builds confidence.

The parking area near the soccer fields offers the best access to the park, but keep in mind that during the weekends parking might be difficult to find, as soccer games and practices tend to fill the parking lot pretty quickly! Don’t forget to bring your own supply of water and a few potty bags, as they are not provided. Kennedy Park requires that all dogs have current vaccination tags displayed on their collar, and request that they be licensed in the county in which you currently live.

Kennedy Dog Park is located at Hampden and S. Dayton street in Denver, Colorado. It is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Belleview Station Dog Park

This unique local park is designed with the social dog and owner in mind. This small urban dog park is nestled in behind the Belleview Station Shops.  Grab your pup and a cold one at the beer garden and enjoy the live music events hosted at the dog parks on Sunday evenings through September, or take the opportunity to check out the local marketplace areas and support small businesses while you play with your pup.

This park is geared towards the more socially inclined people and their dogs. Owners with shy or timid dogs or dogs that get easily overstimulated may want to skip this park, but if you and your pup love enjoying the company of others and making new friends, Bellevue Station Dog Park is the place for you!

The area offers potty bags but does not have a water source for your dogs, nor is there a separate small dog area anymore.  Be ready to parade your pup through the outdoor mall if you want to go to this park, as parking is somewhat limited and is highly competitive with the mall goers!

Belleview Station Dog Park is located at 4825 S. Newport St. Denver, Colorado 80237. It is open seven days a week and frequently hosts events that could affect its operating hours.

Rover’s Run Dog Park

Take your four legged athlete for an afternoon out at Rover’s Run Dog Park! Your pup will love running, digging, and rolling in the soft sand and large open spaces! The Rover’s Run is located inside Redstone Park, a sports field complex, so there is an ample amount of family fun to be had! Water stations, picnic tables, a pond, picnic area, and restrooms are a few of the accommodations you’ll find here!

Rover’s Run Dog Park is located at 3280 Redstone Park Circle Highlands Ranch, Colorado 80129.  It is open seven days a week from seven o’clock in the morning until eight o’clock at night.

Dad Clark Dog Park

Dad Clark Park offers a beautiful dog area that gives your pup the opportunity to stretch their legs in this relatively large local dog park.  Water is provided from spring through fall, but its a good idea to bring your own hydration for your pup during the winter months.  Your pooch will enjoy a good romp with his furry friends in this spacious park.

Five trips around the outside of the off leash area is about a one mile walk if you enjoy getting up and moving, but its a small enough enclosure that you can keep a close eye on your pup from anywhere in the dog park. There are lost of scenic areas to walk your leashed dog around Dad Clark Park that are great for the whole family, but the park asks that children stay out of the dog park unless they are under careful adult supervision.

The Dad Clark Dog Park is located at 3385 Astorbrook Circle Highland Ranch, Colorado 80129.  It is open seven days a week from seven o’clock in the morning until sunset.

Glendale Farm Open Space, Dog Park, and Trail

Glendale Farm is a bit of a hike South from Centennial, but if you have the time, its worth the travel!  You and your pup will be treated to all sorts of opportunities for adventure at this outdoor paradise! Enjoy an invigorating hike around the 1.6 mile trial that loops through the high prairie terrain and up onto rock overlooks, or relax and let your pup enjoy the seventeen acre fenced dog park where he has ample room to run, jump, socialize and play!

There is agility equipment available inside the park, as well as porta pottys, benches, and picnic tables for you to enjoy! The loop trail is shared with bicyclists, horseback riders, and hikers so make sure that everyone stays safe by keeping your dogs leashed and on the trail with you!

Glendale farm Open Space, Dog Park, and Trail is located at 12300 S Havana Street, Castle Rock Colorado 80108.  It is open Monday through Friday from eight o’clock in the morning until five o’clock in the evening.

Glendale Farm Open Space and Trail and Dog Park


Colorado dog owners have adventure waiting outside their back door! Its time to start exploring all the different dog friendly parks and places at your fingertips! Every park has something to offer, and with enough exploration, you and your pup will pick your own favorites! Make sure to follow standard dog park etiquette no matter where you go, keep a close eye on your pup, and don’t be embarrassed to recall or remove your dog from any situation that may be overstimulating or stressful for them!


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